Aviation Accidents:

Aviation Accidents

Attorney Stuart Starry has more than 25 years’ experience in aviation accident litigation. He once represented aircraft manufacturers and commercial airlines. He used to defend the very type of lawsuits he now brings on behalf of the aviation accident victims. Mr. Starry’s aviation law experience is broad. He has represented multiple victims of air crash disasters on major commercial flights, commuter jets as well as the single victims of onboard injuries. He has recovered millions for persons injured or killed in smaller airplanes and helicopters. He has litigated both civilian and military accidents. Smaller single and twin-engine airplanes and helicopters can be very dangerous if not properly manufactured, maintained, and piloted. Mr. Starry has represented those who have been victimized by poor maintenance, faulty design, and defective manufacturing. He has litigated pilot error, weather issues, other human and mechanical causes of aircraft accidents.

Most aircraft crashes are fatal. Thus, Stuart Starry’s experience in Wrongful Death litigation is very valuable. Although commercial planes rarely crash, passengers can suffer serious injuries while on board aircraft. Turbulence related injuries are common. Passengers can also be injured while boarding and exiting aircraft. Mr. Starry has successfully recovered compensation for airline passengers who suffered onboard injures. These cases ranged from a brain injury caused by a briefcase falling from an improperly maintained overhead bin, a knee injury caused by negligent flight attendant, and a serious leg fracture caused by a flying beverage cart during turbulence.

Stuart Starry has represented or successfully sued the following companies:

  • General Aviation

Cessna, Beech, Piper, Mooney, Nicrocraft, Mitsubishi

  • Commercial Aviation

Delta, TWA, American, Continental, USAir, Southwest, ValueJet , SAHSA, British West Indies, Boeing

  • Military Aviation

Bell Helicopter, United Technologies (Sikorsky), General Electric, Pratt & Whitney

Stuart Starry is also a published expert and speaker in aviation law. He has written and spoken on aviation law and related topics, including airline flight crew negligence and dangerous aircraft equipment. See “Publications, Blogs, News, and FAQ’s” Section of this Website.

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