Mergers & Acquisitions:

Sale & Purchase of a Business

Buying and selling a business can get very complicated very quickly.  Not only are there assets like land, buildings, vehicles and equipment there are also things like inventory, liabilities, accounts receivable, and employees.  You may even have to determine how to handle contracts that are active with customers, vendors, contractors, and partners.  At Moravcik, Threadgill & Starry, we have the experience it takes to help you buy or sell a business the right way.  Get in touch today to discuss your particular situation.

Mergers & Aquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions is a branch of business law that deals with the purchasing and/or merging of one company with another. In mergers and acquisitions, lawyers help their clients to find the appropriate financing and assist in the drafting, negotiation, and content of contracts. This may include limiting the portions of the business that are sold. Mergers and acquisitions are notoriously complex and significant events in the life of a business. It is vital to have an experienced lawyer working with you in your mergers and acquisitions to ensure that everything is done properly and fairly.

Mergers and acquisitions lawyers often deal with the following:


  • Helping to identify their client’s business goals
  • Assist in the identifying of legal issues, which largely depend on whether the deal is friendly or unfriendly
  • Establishing a plan (including a timeframe and step by step goals) for the merger or acquisition from start to finish
  • Advise on deal and negotiating tactics for the merger or acquisition
  • Conduct due diligence on the other side of the deal
  • With the help of tax attorneys, determine tax implications
  • Work alongside antitrust attorneys to find any obstacles and gain regulatory approval
  • Help to negotiate agreements, sign, and announce the deal publicly.
  • Close the deal.


If you need help with a merger or acquisition, contact Moravcik, Threadgill & Starry now.

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