Client Testimonials

What client says about Mark Threadgill:

 “Mark Threadgill was the best for Divorce and Custody. He was very diligent and aggressive in fighting for what I wanted. His staff Doris, Bethany and Yvonne were second to none! Extremely satisfied and happy to say I am a father who fought and got custody of his children!”– Shamar F.

“I am extremely satisfied that Mr. Threadgill represented me. He was aggressive and his entire staff was friendly and knowledgeable. He tells you like it is and prepares you like he is the opposing counsel so that you can expect the worst. If anyone should be kept on retainer he should be your first choice.”– Shawana G.

“By far the best attorney in the the Permian Basin. Mark handled my case professionally and efficiently. I have and will continue to recommend his services to friends and family.”– Jeremy W.

“Mark, Alan, Doris and Bethany showed my family nothing but time and compassion. I have dealt with a lot of lawyers in Midland, TX. I came with this law firm with let’s just say a bit of a nightmare on my hands, that had been burdening me for 11 years. Mark took me on as a client, saw me as a human being and had compassion for my situation. Mark will always be straight and upfront with you, which is the best! This team is worth every penny. Come to them with the truth, and they will help you to their fullest extent. I have never been more pleased with a law firm, and Mark and his team gave my children the sense of safety I needed them to have. I will forever be grateful, and this is the best law firm in Midland TX! I also would like to add- any negative review I’m seeing here, Mark asks you one thing if he takes you on as a client, “good or bad give me everything you have!” If you aren’t 100% honest with him, he cannot represent properly. His team reviews your case throughly and when you go into that court room Mark is always prepared, and is a great lawyer!”– Rachel K.

“Highly recommend this mediator thank you Mark for your services.”– Hector P.

“Very impressed, got me out of a bind. Demonstrated knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail. Effective legal representation. I’ve been represented on two occasions by the Threadgill law firm, with Mark representing me personally both times. Would highly recommend.”– Michael F.

“My husband & I would highly recommend Mark (and Doris) to ANYONE. He represented us in a high stress custody battle for my husbands 2 Children. We had a bad experience with a lawyer in Midland prior to dealing with Mark that left Us feeling pretty hopeless. My husband is active duty military & we lived 1500+ miles from Midland making the situation even more difficult. The night before our final custody hearing, Mark was emailing us back & forth until almost midnight working on our case. He was respectful but aggressive when necessary in court. We were granted physical custody of both children & couldn’t be happier with the way we were represented.”– Rachel M.


What client says about Alan Moravcik:

 “Alan and his team were fantastic with getting our Last Will and POAs done. Appreciate their attention to detail and affordability.”– John B.


What Client says about Stuart Starry:

“Terrific gentleman who listens and takes your problems seriously, you want him on your side. Mr. Starry handled a case for me a number of years ago which pitted him against a number of oil companies and a bank. The bank’s representative was also an attorney, Mr. Starry was beyond amazing dealing with all these very aggressive people and prevailed for us giving me a very positive result… He was the third attorney I hired after the other two proved their lack of ability to perform. He was honest, up front, and to the point, he developed a strategy that worked for us. We have kept in touch and I would never hesitate to ask him to represent me again in the future. He is the best in my book and a very fine person on top of being excellent at his craft.”– Jim

“Excellent Attorney That Cares. Mr. Starry represented my family in an unfortunate automobile accident. He was extremely professional and very diligent throughout the entire process. The case, which took several years given the injuries that were sustained, ended in a very positive outcome for our family. When you are faced with an unfortunate situation especially one that results in serious injuries due to the negligence of someone else, you want to make sure that you have an attorney that is knowledgeable of the law, is strong in his conviction about why he is representing you, is willing to go above and beyond to ensure a positive outcome, is compassionate, respectful and confident. Thank you Mr. Starry for being that excellent attorney that we needed to handle this complicated case and for taking excellent care of our family. We could not have asked for better representation from Mr. Starry. He went that extra mile and we are forever grateful.”– A Satisfied Client.

“I was very pleased with Mr. Starry’s work. I hired Stuart to assist me in the appeal of a case that involved a complicated issue of oil and gas law . We worked closely in presenting the appeal to the Court of Appeals. Stuart was involved in framing and presenting the legal issues, as well as in the drafting of the pleadings. His work product was excellent.”– Milton

“Aggressive yet Compassionate. Mr. Starry, definitely went the extra mile. He listened intently to everything and made comments and recommendations all along the way. But the biggest difference I noticed was that he wasn’t like most lawyers who talk just to talk. He told me he needed to research somethings and he would get back to me. When he did get back to me, he laid out the laws, the case histories and the outcomes and explained my options and my chances of winning. In the end, everything came to pass as he predicted. I was very pleased with his insight and honesty.”– Jasper

“Attorney. Stuart is an amazing Lawyer. He has helped me many times on important cases and his work and advice are impeccable!! I recommend Stuart without reservation.”– George


What client says about Moravcik, Threadgill & Starry: 

“Mark, Doris, and Bethany are the best. Mark took great care of my divorce case. The support I received from them, was far above and beyond there job. Thank you so much. I highly recommend them for all legal needs.”– Selisa H.

“Cares about his clients.”– David C.

“Mark and his team are all awesome people. I couldn’t be more pleased with the response times and the more than fair billing practices. Mark has handled my cases with integrity, honesty and care. Mark is a straight shooter and I appreciate that the most.”– Justin R.

“The 1st Thing I wanted to do when I got home was this! Thank you!!! Doris, Mark, Bethany, and the whole team at Moravcik Threadgil. I was in a position of against all the claims. In a hole, in a pit which no one wanted to represent. I was a rabbit going through holes and mud. We just Won the big battle. They Work around the clock to prepare me for my 1st hearing. And I got my boys back, they are packing getting ready to comeback. Just in time for my little one’s bday. 2 Y.O. They are the world to me and I’m their compass. For this stay Home Dad is a Victory to celebrate. I’m a client for life, I can Only recommend this firm, they were the only ones that make the time, believed me and proved it. See you soon.”– Miguel R.

“Very quick to respond. I am impressed.”– Krys K.

“The team was very knowledgeable and helpful. He may even be able to help me with an aging case that no one else has been able to successfully handle.”– Ronald A.

“Yes it was helpful thank you.”– Sandra H.