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Moravcik, Threadgill & Starry provides will lawyers in Midland. Wills and trusts are estate planning tools. They are designed to protect your assets and ensure that they are properly administered to your heirs. This may not including a spouse (covered under the United States Estate and Gift Tax Law, which allows the passing of wealth to a surviving spouse.) The process of transferring your wealth and assets can become more complicated when your beneficiary is not your spouse. This is where it pays to have a will or trust that has been prepared by an experienced lawyer.


A will is a formal written document that expresses the deceased’s wishes. This can include everything from the creating of guardianships for minor children to the transferring of assets to relatives or friends. Your will becomes active only upon your death; however, a trust is active the day you create it. A trust allows you to list the distribution of your assets before your death. In many cases, trusts can help to keep your heirs out of probate court. Wills go through probate, during which they are examined by a court administrator. Trusts are not required to go through probate when you die, and they cannot be contested. It is important to consider your options


The Firm handles wills and trusts. We offer counsel and representation for testamentary wills, living trusts, testamentary trusts, revocable living trusts, and more. Wills and trusts are put in place to give your family guidance and stability upon your passing. If you have a solid estate plan in place, your family won’t have to worry about finances or other problems when the time comes. From creating a detailed will, a living trust, a revocable or irrevocable trust or other instruments estate planning instruments, we can do it all. To learn more about our will and trust services, please contact us.

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