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Planning for the end of one’s life is not a an enjoyable process, especially because most people do not want to imagine their death or the death of loved ones. However, it is a necessary process to ensure the recognition of your will and leave your estate in good standing. Probate is the formal legal process that recognizes your will and appoints your executor or representative. This person will then be in charge of distributing assets to your heirs or beneficiaries. In Texas, most estates must go through probate after a person dies to settle the estate, collect assets, settle claims and debt, and distribute the estate and assets as noted in the will. Without a valid will, the deceased’s assets will be distributed to relatives.


Probate proceedings are generally short and inexpensive. The basic job of accounting for assets and administering the estate must be done regardless of whether the estate is handled by an executor in probate, or outside of the estate and transferred through a living trust. When you are planning your estate, it is important to do so with an experience probate and estate lawyer. By doing so, you can ensure that lawsuits by heirs, and other difficulties, can be minimized or avoided. If you need probate and estate assistance to help make sure that your estate is in order and your heirs will have fewer worries contact Moravcik, Threadgill & Starry.

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