Custody, Visitation & Adoption:


Throughout a child’s life, there are many people who act as their caregiver and pitch in to help raise them. From stepparents to foster parents to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and more, it takes a group effort to raise a child! However, there can be situations in which the custody (or protective and primary care) of a child needs to be changed. Events such as a parental divorce, remarriage, or a death can create a need to change custody and visitation rights. Moreover, unsafe living situations can arise, necessitating a guardianship or other measures to protect a child. Moravcik, Threadgill & Starry offers representation regarding custody, visitation, and adoption in the Permian Basin and West Texas.

Child Custody & Visitation

Whether you need a custody and visitation and adoption lawyer, or whether you need a fix or control a foster parent or adoption situation, The Firm can help you rearrange the custodial arrangement. The Partners in Midland are here to help you secure a child custody and visitation agreement that works for your needs and your children. We can help a former spouse or other parent file for more visitation rights, help you amend your custody arrangement, and assist you with any other legal matters pertaining to child custody.

Child Support

The Partners at The Firm can also serve as a mediator to help parents and children with their disputes. At Moravcik, Threadgill & Starry, you will get the support you need during this trying time. We are committed to providing compassionate and unwavering legal support for our clients so they can achieve an effective resolution to their family disputes. The Partners are skilled in helping you with child support issues, including helping you receive the money you are entitled to receive. If you need us, reach out to The Firm today.

Child Support Modification Enforcement

Sometimes even the best laid plans change.  When you are faced with a child support issue that requires legal modifications or enforcement, The Firm can help. Our child support modification and enforcement legal assistance takes into account the original plan along with the life events that have taken place since then.  Our goal is to protect our clients and their children when changes or enforcement action is needed in regard to child support. At the end of the day, The Firm wants to do what is best for all involved. Contact us now for a consultation.


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