Spousal Support & The Division Of Assets In Texas

Spousal Support & The Division Of Assets In Texas Lawyer, Midland CityThis article discusses:

  • How and when spousal support is awarded.
  • The length of time that spousal support orders typically stay in place.
  • How the state divides assets and debts in divorce cases.

Does Texas Recognize Spousal Support Awards In A Divorce?

Texas recognizes spousal support awards in divorce, though you must first qualify to be considered eligible by showing that you would be otherwise unable to pay for basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and water. Often, because of the amount of money that a person makes via their divorce settlement, spousal support is not an option.

Alternatively, spousal support can be voluntary if you and your spouse agree to have these orders included in your divorce settlement.

It’s important to note: A judge may order spousal support at the temporary orders hearing. However, being awarded temporary spousal support does not mean you will necessarily be awarded comparable permanent spousal support.

Is There Anything That Could Cause Your Spousal Support To End?

Your spousal support can end for a variety of reasons in Texas. Your final orders will include the conditions under which your spousal support will end, which may include common reasons such as:

  • Death;
  • Remarriage;
  • The end of the ordered period;
  • Cohabitation with a romantic partner;
  • And more…

 How Does Texas Divide Assets And Debts In A Divorce?

Any assets and debts held before a marriage are considered the sole, separate property of either party. However, Texas family law classifies that all assets gained and debts incurred during a marriage are community property to be divided equally between divorcing couples.

This 50-50 division ratio usually changes only under a few exceptions such as flagrant adultery, family violence, etc. It’s also important to note that even under these circumstances, it is rare for the division to be more drastic than a 45-55 split.

Will I Lose Everything If I Divorce My Spouse In Texas?

Although it is possible to lose everything because of your divorce, it is highly unlikely. This is because Texas classifies assets and debts gained over the marriage as community property and divides things equally between both parties.

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