Protect Your Family From a Difficult Probate Process

Wills and trusts are put in place to give your family guidance and stability upon your passing. If you have a solid estate plan in place, your family won’t have to worry about finances or other problems when the time comes.

Threadgill Law Firm is well versed in estate planning in Texas. With years of legal expertise, our law firm has helped many of individuals and families with their estate planning needs. Estate planning needs include:

  • Creating a detailed will
  • Creating a living trust
  • Avoiding the probate system
  • Creating a revocable or irrevocable trust
  • Documenting powers of attorney
  • Handling other estate affairs

Threadgill Law Firm also creates business trusts, education trusts, Medicaid trusts, and retirement trusts. Getting your affairs in order now will make things easier for you and your family later on.

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